LQW - Lapsed Quaker Ware


Welcome to the home page for the LQW - Lapsed Quaker Ware - Project.


LQW comprises a cherry wood dresser, wall cabinet and table displaying seventy pieces of black basalt ceramic tableware. This installation by James Turrell, himself a Quaker, has been influenced by historical Quaker ceramics associated with Yorkshire.

LQW is on display at Ackworth School, one of England's seven Quaker schools, situated between Pontefract and Wakefield. Originally built as a Foundling Hospital, it became a school in 1779 when Dr John Fothergill founded it as a boarding school for children of Quaker parents who were 'not in affluence'. The school still retains the Foundling Hospital badge of a lamb, designed by William Hogarth, as part of its present crest. This forms the weathervane on top of the cupola on the east wing of the school's elegant Georgian buildings.


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