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I have one wife and four children. Alison used to work as Head of the Home Economics Dept, craft tutor and Form Mistress, but has now retired. Oliver got a degree in genetics at Durham and was part of the phenomenom that became TigerSpike, enjoyed squash and the Good Life in Singapore now heading back to Oz. Matthew collected lots of merits & distinctions for doing Sports Science at Wakefield College and has got a degree from Birmingham University. Now he is Adobeing (also in Sydney)! Jessica got her Sports Science degree in Edinburgh and is now a teacher too - at Rodillian Academy. Sean qualified as a Civil Engineer at Leeds Uni and then spent a year as a surf instructor on the Flowrider at Xscape. He is now on the wave in Thailand (via the wave in Singapore) on his way to Oz with a one year working visa. At the moment, sitting on the seashore at Galway with the children is a very highly rated activity. We lived for ten years in Kenya and have many friends still there and many happy memories - especially of trips in Landrovers!

I have retired from my job as Head of IT at Ackworth School. I think the school campus is really lovely and something about it seems to rub off on our students. They have a special air of self respect that allows them to communicate with adults in an easy way. I don't know of another school where there is so much vertical grouping within the student society. I try to teach with the philosophy so neatly summed up by Einstein:- 'Love is a better master than duty'.

I also edited the RM User Magazine. I get a huge kick out of getting stuff in print and find that the discomfort of trying to find time to get it all together is out-weighed by the buzz of seeing the end result. Through this venture I was fortunate to meet Peter Harris of Harris Brothers Printers in Featherstone. Although I had taught DTP, it had not prepared me for the rigours of real-world printing. Peter was a wonderful mentor and patiently proof-read all my articles. I am indebted to him for his enthusiasm and kind encouragement!

I was a moderator and assessor for Cambridge Information Technology Certificates from the University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate. I like the self-sufficient nature of these certificates and feel that one of the reasons our students are highly prized by the companies that take them in for work experience is for their IT skills.

I am very grateful to Duncan Grey at Hinchingbrooke for his encouragement as we crept onto the web. By virtue of his early (and continuing) explorations I think we should appoint him as our eminence grise in these matters. I still can't figure out when he finds time to sleep.

Members of the Botham family are Old Scholars from Ackworth and have some very tasty Web pages.

I find that the Internet is a place where - in spite of some of the odd pages - I am re-assured that we might make it as a race after all.

In particular I am impressed with:-

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