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Ackworth Youth Choir

Christmas Concert

Will take place at Pontefract Town Hall

On Saturday 2nd December

At 7pm

Special guests will be

Spirit of Harmony
Barbershop Choir

Further details & tickets 5, 4 & 1 from:
Choir practice, Methodist Church
Sue, 01977 799738, Gill, 01977 707887
or Helen, 01924 256373.

Tickets only from A.S. Yager Opticians,
32, Ropergate, Pontefract.

ACKWORTH YOUTH CHOIR was founded in November 1995 by Anne Henshaw, the conductor, thus fulfilling a long -held ambition on her part, and bringing a new and rewarding experience to young people in Ackworth. Click here for a sound sample! or use the form at the bottom of this page to find out about our CD's (only £8!!) Please note that our newest CD - Original! - has been recorded and is now available!
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The choir is for boys and girls from 8-18 years. They meet weekly, in term times, and work towards public performances of various kinds, using a very wide range of music. The emphasis is on having fun whilst improving singing techniques and pursuing high standards of performance.

We are fortunate in having an excellent accompanist in Helen Issitt, who is a graduate of the Scottish School of Music and Drama and a local teacher of piano.

It is very much hoped that those who join the choir enjoy the singing, make new friends and benefit from the wide variety of experiences which membership of the choir can offer.

JOINING THE CHOIR is easy. There is always a welcome for new singers, and no experience nor "qualifications" are necessary. New members usually join our training group for a short time, until they are ready to cope with the demands of singing with a large choir; but older or more experienced newcomers may be placed directly into the concert choir.

CHOIR PRACTICES - are on Friday evenings in Ackworth.

  • The Training Group meets from 4.45- 5pm.

  • The Concert Choir meets from 5 - 6.3Opm.

SUBSCRIPTIONS - there is a weekly subscription of £1, which covers the cost of room hire & accompanist.

UNIFORM - for performances the choir has a uniform:

a purple shirt - which is provided for each member. The shirts are handed out for each performance and should be returned immediately afterwards. They are all laundered together so that they remain the same!

these are worn with:
  • black trousers and dark socks & shoes for all;
(these items must be provided by choir members themselves please).

WORDS AND MUSIC will be provided, as will a folder in which to keep the sheets. It is the responsibility of members to look after these carefully and to bring them to every practice.

COMMITMENT - joining the choir is a commitment. All of the members are important, and if one is missing, his or her part of the singing is missing. So, it is expected that everyone will attend practices and performances whenever possible. If 3 practices in a row are missed, and we do not know why, it will be assumed that the person concerned no longer wishes to belong to the choir.

The choir is a major team effort; and the end result should be that we have a real sense of achievement, and have a lot of fun together!

LINKS:- please let us know if you'd like a link from these pages. We are happy to offer a link to Castleford Young Musicians who have gathered a lot of other choral connections!

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